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Hurray: Minor Swing!

Long awaited and finally in full length online: The Dortmund based quintet Minor Swing, who dispelled our hangovers with a soft brainmassage of swing and gypsy jazz. Now available on Flashback 2013! letztes update 29/04/14

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Ride Lonesome is online

Glad tidings for all (covert) cowboys and indians: After Remco Reed the second Western-act with Ride Lonesome is online. The word goming around in our Flensburg based video-editorial-staff is that there wll be the concert of Minor Swing available in … Weiterlesen

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And finally: Dance your egg!

For all of you, who’ve been drumming edgy with their fingers on the table and rocking nervously in their chairs: The furious final of the 6th Kulturtag 2013 is online at last! Ingeniously introduced with the completely bananas song ‘Ich … Weiterlesen

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Secret of polish ‘Apple Pie’ revealed!

Our polish friends and fans have brought something special to the Kulturtag this year, called ‘Apple Pie’ (polish ‘jabłecznik‘ or ‘szarlotka‘): However, it is not something eatable (as one could guess), but a cocktail. And it would not be a … Weiterlesen

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The first photos and videos are online!

Photos – a lots of photos – and videos are available and there are more to come. Cool videos of freivomhieb, Passierzettel, Remco Reed, Mushroom Brothers, Talabasa and the Oberscheid Allstars, furthermore Rolf’s Performance “Denk-Mal” and the painting session with … Weiterlesen

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Die ersten Fotos und Videos sind da!

Fotos – jede Menge Fotos- und ein Haufen Videos sind bereits verfügbar und es kommen noch mehr. Geile Konzertvideos von freivomhieb, Passierzettel, Remco Reed, Mushroom Brothers und Talabasa, außerdem Rolfs Performance “Denk-Mal” und die Mal-Session mit Bene Bavarese sind online! … Weiterlesen

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The 6th Kulturtag is over! Let’s go for number 7!

Dear friends, artists, musicians, fans, supporters, backers and guests! Thank you, thank all participants for a wonderful 6th Kulturtag! Without you this great festival couldn’t be realised. We look back on three days full of art, music, performances and film … Weiterlesen

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