7/8/9 August 2015: Kulturtag 8

kulturtag8yWe’re proud to announce the date for the 8th Kulturtag 2015:

3 days  – from 7th to 9th August 2015 – artists and musicians will gather again in Oberscheid.

The line-up is finally wrapped up. To our great amazement we had many requests from all over Europe!

Update (04/15/15): Schicke Erscheinung from Dortmund will be playing in Oberscheid. Two men over 50 with accoustic guitars who get on quite spiffing together and still know how to make some noise if needed.

The musical program is available! There might be still some changes but we are happy to announce already these artists:

Dred Superstar (USA/GER) | freivomhieb (GER) | Gee & The Plastic Strings (GER) | Harter Kanten Graubrot (GER) | Klonk (GER) | KNU! (GER) | Lotte (GER) | Machine Mass feat. Florian Walter (B/USA/GER) | Minor Swing (IRL/GER) | Murx (GER) | PHFF (GER) | Schicke Erscheinung (GER/IRL) | The Happy Gangstas (GER) | Will Z. (B) |

We also like to thank the Kultursommer Rheinland Pfalz, who with his friendliy support made it possible that the Kulturtag will become again an unforgettable event.

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