Program 2014

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– Music – Mainstage –


PHFF – Psychedelic Jazz Trio Cologne (D)

PHFF2stePHan bartsch: drums, percussion
steFan strasser: piano, keyboards, electronics, guitar
Frank ebeling: bass, kuitar, elektronics, voice

website | soundcloud

What A Waste of Beauty – Avant-Garde / Jazz / Klang im Raum (D)

whatawasteJulius Gabriel: tenor saxophone
Florian Walter: baritone saxophone, bassclarinet
Serge Corteyn: guitar
Fabian Jung: drums

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Dred Superstar – Rock / Crossover / Funk (USA/D)

Ed Eck: vocalsDreadSuperstar
Jörg Buxel: bass
Oliver Sorge: guitar
‘Hörm’: drums

website | YouTube


freivomhieb – Free Jazz (D)

DreiFrank Wilke – trumpet, trombone, flugelhorn
Uwe Juchum: altosaxophone, tenorsaxophone, bass clarinette
Luis Carlos deSilva: e-bass
Markus Reineke: modular synthesizer, percussion, prepared kantele

website | soundcloud 1 | soundcloud 2

Happy Gangstas – Swing / Balkan Beatz / ChaChaCha (D)

Blasius Maltzahn: trumpetHappyGangstas
Rolf Springer: guitar
Dieter Stein: bass

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Minor Swing – Swing (IRL/D)

minorswing_barHerr Schmidt aka Wain Schlegel: guitar
Fridde: gitarre
Sir James Shaw, the irish thrombosis with british peerage: trombone
Jörg Fromme: double bass

website | YouTube

Passierzettel – Impro / Kraut (D)

passierzettel2014Martin Pozdrowicz: drums, sampler, percussion, electronics
Thomas Siebert: guitar, keyboard, iPad, raw sound material
Hannes Wienert: diverse woodwinds and brass insruments
Maic Walther: saxophon, flute, percussion, voice

website / YouTube

HAU – improvised (D)

HAURolf Schwechheimer: drums
Martin Pozdrowicz: drums, sampler, percussion, electronics


Harter Kanten Graubrot – Free Improvised Music (D)

hkg_newWofgang Menden: treated guitar, trumpet
Thomas Breuer: treated guitar, voice
Maaila Shrestha: bass
Rolf Schwechheimer: drums, voice
Andrea Harzbecker: voice, saxophone, loops


Mushroom Brothers – freepsychedelicimprovisedyewsharps (D)

mushrooms_w_georgeAxel Sartorius: yews-harp, guitar, loops
Frank ‘Flocke’ Fischer: yews-harp, flute, hulusi, synth
Tammo Möller: yews-harp, mouth-bow, toys
Georg Dierks: drums, percussion


Murx – Improvised Kraut (DE)

MURX-1Achim Hahne: bass
Axel Cromberg: guitar
Matthias Henry: guitar
Georg Dierks: drums

music – small stage –

Gee & the Plastic Strings – strange noise – slow music – little song (D)
gee_plastic_stringsRaimund Gitsels: electric violin, effect pedals, loop machine

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Micky Bauer & Maaila Shrestha – soundscapes (D)

micky_maailaMicky Bauer: guitar
Maaila Shrestha: bass

Martin Yelswel – singer/ songwriter (UK)

yelswel02Martin Yelswel: vocals, guitar


Jeff Silvertrust One Man Band – Jazz (USA)

silvermotion-(2)Jeff Silvertrust: vocals, keyboards, trumpet, percussion

website | YouTube

Porchertorne – avant-garde (D)

porchertorne_psychedelicPatrick Mengele: electronics, loops
Tammo Möller: yews-harp, mouth-bow, toys

Radioaisle – loopbased songwriting (D)

radioaisleIlias Ntais: vocals, guitar, melodica, calimba, loops
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Colourful Culture – FreeJazz (D)

colourful_cultureGeorg Dierks: drums
Axel Sartorius: guitar, loops
Miralem ‘Miki’ Muhovic: bass

Schicke Erscheinung (formerly known as Sex Robben aka Sex Robin aka Sechs Robben) – Songs (D)

sexrobbenSir James Shaw – guitar, vocals
Bernd Schmidt – guitar, vocals

– art –

Rolf Schwechheimer – painting, performance, objects

Stephanie Brysch – comic art

Barbara Abendroth – sculpture

Andrea Harzbecker – painting

Otto Luis – painting

Sabine Oessenich – objects

Erwin Haffner – painting

Achim Hahne – installation

Georg Dierks – installation



Peter Sempel

Saturday, 11:15 preview
RohSchnitt PeterBrötzmann
MusicPsychoAdventure 2014


Fotos: P. Sempel

The Hamburg-based film-maker Peter Sempel accompanied over a period of several years the renovator of Free Jazz on his trip around the globe.
The pictures of this voyage from Wuppertal to New York – San Francisco – London – Warsaw – to Shenzen (China) provide a deep poetic insight into the sonic and visual worlds of this fascinating artist.

The dialogues with musicians of different cultures opens the view on the subtle psyche of this probably most radical innovator of free music.

Illias Ntais (production)

Jazz Soup – a film about the jazz orchestra The Dorf, Saturday 11:30
This is a film about living in a very special ‘village’ (called ‘Dorf’ in german). Not a typical orchestra nor a typical bigband. „The Dorf“ is a jazzsoupcompleteliving organism, which continuously mutates in new directions. The music is a voyage through the tradition of jazz-experimentation in which soundtextures and instruments deny to take a particular shape. The film documents the collabrotaion of the musicians and the concerts of The Dorf. Jan Klare – the conductor: More than just a conductor Jan Klare is head and heart of The Dorf. Since the 80’s Jan has been working as composer and saxophone player in several formations and musical styles. This particular ‘Dorf’ is way-point as destiny of Jans voyage.

The voyage of the soup: Each month a secret ingredient is transported from Münster to Dortmund where The Dorf performs concerts at the domicil on a regular basis. A ritual that goes back to the very beginning of ‚The Dorf’ is a collective soup diner jus before a concert. The film documents this short roadtrip and transport of the soup to the concerthall. This trip allows an intimate insight into the successstory of „The Dorf“.

The Jazzsoup – the film is a collaboration of Jorgos Katsimitsoulias, Alexander Kersting and Ilias Ntais


Pavel Borodin

Musicmovies, Sunday 11:30

comicoperandoComicoperando in Amsterdam (D/NE, 2012, 38 Min.)

A tribute to the music of Robert Wyatt

The project „Comicoperando“ is a hommage to the music of Robert Wyatt, the legendary singer and drummer of the Canterbury Scene and refers to his soloalbum „Comicopera“ (2007). The project was founded by befriended musicians which interpreted some of his songs. In May 2011 Dagmar Krause (vocals), Karen Mantler (Hammond B3, vocals), Annie Whitehead (trombone), Michel Delville (guitar), John Edwards (bass) and Chris Cutler (drums) performed at the famous Amsterdam “Bimhuis”. The Film shows excerpts of the concert as well as lengthy interviews with the musicians about their encounters with Robert Wyatt and how the project “Comicoperando” grew.

ship-lock-posterShip Lock (D, 2008, 11 Min.)

This shortfilm was realised in a rainy night in September 2007 in the Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze Kiang river in China. The three-hour sluicing shrinked to 10 minutes of dark industrial pictures. Originally intended as a documentation the film changed during postproduction to a music video.

waterwalkAndrea Neumann performs “Water Walk” by John Cage (D, 2012, 5 Min.)

In 1960 John Cage presentd during a TV-Show his work “Water Walk”. 54 Years later this performance has nothing lost of its exciting, amazing and mind-blowing character. On the 100th birthday of John Cage the german musician Andrea Neumann restaged the performance in a lightflooded room at the A L’ARME! Festival in Berlin.

minton_diebPhil Minton & dieb13 – Im Pavillon (D/Ö, 2013, 26 Min.)

A short duo concert at the Music Unlimted Festival 2009 in Wels (Austria) with Phil Minton (voice) and dieb13 (Dieter Kovačič, turntables).

simon-nabatov-roundup-posteSimon Nabatov’s Roundup (D, 2014, 80 Min.)

In December 2009 the Cologne-based russian-american jazz pianist and composer Simon Nabotov realized a three-piece project „Roundup“ by working with his favourite four musicians: Nils Wogram (trombone), Matthias Schubert (tenorsaxophone), Ernst Reijseger (cello) und Tom Rainey (drums). During four days the musicians rehearsed as a quintet and two trios, recorded and performed live. Thius film shows excerpts of these three phases and Nabotov, who talks about the realization of this project, his musical partners and the music which was created during the project.

requiem_babygrandRequiem for a Baby Grand (D, 2012, 61 Min.)

Final piano music for 8 hands and tools
Hans W. Koch / Thomas Lehn / Ben Patterson / Joszef Cseres

Despite all iconoclastic attitudes the deconstruction of a grand piano is a orgiastic celebration of sound. Moreover the swan song of a dying piano is not to heard that often.

The piano is a August Förster Flügel, fabricated 1901 in Löbau/Saxonia. Later it came to Dotmund, where it survived two world wars and should be destroyed because of suffered damages already in 1977. Thomas Lehn made it his practise instrument and saved it from destruction. So it finally made it in 1982 to the room to which I moved in 2000. However, eight years later I needed the space and so I used the opportunity to give the grand piano a suitable farewell during the Cologne Art Fair.

The performers:
Hans W. Koch, Composer-Performer and Initiator of the requiem. Last owner of the grand piano.
Thomas Lehn, Synthesizer virtuoso and pianist. Previous owner of the grand piano.
Ben Patterson, artist and composer with lots of experience on handling pianos.
Joszef Cseres, aesthetician und performer. Never played a piano before or even owned one.

Easy Readers – Dond & Danieleasyreades_d+d