The first photos and videos are online!

Photos – a lots of photos – and videos are available and there are more to come.

Cool videos of freivomhieb, Passierzettel, Remco Reed, Mushroom Brothers, Talabasa and the Oberscheid Allstars, furthermore Rolf’s Performance “Denk-Mal” and the painting session with Bene Bavarese are online!

Click for the
flashback 2013

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Die ersten Fotos und Videos sind da!

Fotos – jede Menge Fotos- und ein Haufen Videos sind bereits verfügbar und es kommen noch mehr.

Geile Konzertvideos von freivomhieb, Passierzettel, Remco Reed, Mushroom Brothers und Talabasa, außerdem Rolfs Performance “Denk-Mal” und die Mal-Session mit Bene Bavarese sind online!

Klick für den
Flashback 2013

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The 6th Kulturtag is over! Let’s go for number 7!

Dear friends, artists, musicians, fans, supporters, backers and guests!

Thank you, thank all participants for a wonderful 6th Kulturtag! Without you this great festival couldn’t be realised. We look back on three days full of art, music, performances and film which will stay long in our memory.

The sheer enormity of impressions makes it difficult to draw any conclusions shortly after the festival that appreciates all participants – wether film, music, art, painting, sculpture, reading or performance – sufficiently. Therefore in short: You’ve been absolutely fantastic!

At this point we like to dignify Rolf Schwechheimer, who provided this wonderful space of art: The Old Telegraph Office of Oberscheid.

Rolf, without you all this would have been impossible. Thank you for your dedication and passion with the realization of this unique project!

DSC03065As soon as we have evaluated the wealth of material we will present it here as soon as possible. Stay tuned and look forward to awesome fotos and footage which documented this terrific party.

And of course we will have again a CD compilation of all these great bands and musicians of who excited us so much this year. As soon as our sound wizard Miralem ‘Miki’ Muhovic has finished the engineering  job, we’ll immediately start with the production of the next Kulturtag compilation. Pre-order now!

By the way, there is still a very small amount of the last years compilation left. Limited edition of 50 copies, every double-CD is a unique piece of art signed by Rolf Schwechheimer. Including shipping just 15 Euro and Pflegestufe, Passierzettel, Harter Kanten Graubrot, Martin Yelswel, Scott & Katen, Mushroom Brothers, Cassiel Au Ciel and the Oberscheid Allstars will make your ears ring. If you like to secure your rights on one of the last copies send us a mail over our contact form.

Enough said, we are looking forward to see you all at the 7th Kulturtag 2014!

Now we’ll need a shower and a long and extensive sleep!

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Martin Yelswel plays warming-up-gig

We are proud to announce a special gig:

Martin Yelswel, Singer/Songwriter from Hull/Uk unfortunately doesn’t make it to the Kulturtag this year.

However, he bent over backwards to rejoice us with an extra-gig on Monday, August 26th. As special guest Die Prokrastinierer will support him with their worldwide first appearance on stage. Entrance is – as always – free!

Download Flyer Din A6

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Changes on course of events

We had to do some changes on the course of events, therefore please note the program for Friday and Saturday

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The festival program 2013

Right, we’ve been just discussing this for weeks and our brains hurt from this bloody logistics, but finally we have it all wrapped up!

Just have a look on the menu bar – Yes! Second menupoint from the left:

Program 2013

You can click it and then – o wondrous world of technology – a submenu appears. Sorted by days! Full information-input!

We’d like to take this opportunity to announce some last-minute gigs:

Sex Rum, a duo trio with James of Minor Swing, Talabasa, a trio from Nepal and Silvain from Buchholz will be performing also on the 6th Kulturtag Oberscheid.

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Kulturtag on Facebook and

We’re on Facebook and!

Please be so kind and register there, if you’re planning to visit Oberscheid.
We’d like to have a rough idea of how many are showing up.

Your participation will be greatly appreciated by our organizing-team!

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festivalposter & flyer 2013

Yes, we’re fast, thanks copy&paste!

The official festivalposter is available for download now:


download, print and spread the good news among your friends!
Poster DIN A3 (PDF)
Flyer DIN A6 (PDF)

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Program 2013 – Art

… as promised:

The artistic program of the
6th Kulturtag Oberscheid

Peter Sempel : “Die Ameise der Kunst/Animals Of Art” / film
Easy Readers : reading
Bene Bavarese : polaroids & live painting
Otto Luiz : painting & sculpture
Rolf Schwechheimer : painting & Performance
Victoria Harlos : photography
Laurence Wolf-Shrestha : photography
Sabine Oessenich : painting
Rodrigo Sanchez-Marin : sculpture
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Programm 2013 – Kunst

…und wie versprochen:

Das künstlerische Rahmenprogramm
des 6. Kulturtag Oberscheid

Peter Sempel : “Die Ameise der Kunst/Animals Of Art” / Film
Easy Readers : Lesung
Bene Bavarese : Polaroids & Live painting
Otto Luiz : Malerei & Skulptur
Rolf Schwechheimer : Malerei & Performance
Victoria Harlos : Photografie
Laurence Wolf-Shrestha : Photografie
Sabine Oessenich : Malerei
Rodrigo Sanchez-Marin : Skulpturen
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