Program 2014

August 15th – 17th  2014: Even more beautiful, more varied, even more extensive!

The Program for the 7th Kulturtag Oberscheid 2014 is confirmed!

Wonderful music from the genres improvised, freejazz, jazz, swing, crossover, krautrock and songwriting – 19 bands and musicians will perform on two stages.

Art and performance will be shown by Rolf Schwechheimer, Stephanie Brysch, Barbara Abendroth, Andrea Harzbecker, Otto Luis, Sabine Oessenich, Erwin Haffner, Achim Hahne und Georg Dierks.

We are especially proud to present again the Hamburg film-maker Peter Sempel who will show us the preview of his documentation about german freejazz saxophonist Peter Brötzmann.

Next to Peter Sempel newest oeuvre we’ll show another documentation (Jazz Soup – a film about The Dorf) as well as concert movies from the russian film maker Pavel Borodin.

And again the Easy Readers will entertain us during the lunch break with their strange and whimsical stories.

PHFF, What A Waste of Beauty, Dred Superstar, freivomhieb, Happy Gangstas, Minor Swing, Passierzettel, HAU, Harter Kanten Graubrot, Mushroom Brothers, Murx, Gee & the Plastic Strings, Micky R. Bauer, Martin Yelswel, Jeff Silvertrust, Porchertorne, Radioaisle, Colourful Culture, Schicke Erscheinung (formerly known as Sex Robin aka Sechs Robben aka Sex Robben)

Rolf Schwechheimer, Stephanie Brysch, Barbara Abendroth, Andrea Harzbecker, Otto Luis, Sabine Oessenich, Erwin Haffner, Achim Hahne, Georg Dierks

Peter Sempel, Illias Ntais, Pavel Borodin

EasyReaders (Dond & Daniel)


As ususal the entrance and camping is free.

More  info at Program 2014

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Taftahüling revisited

On April 12th the old Winter-Swine was succesfully chased through the village! Accompanied by Sir James (Minor Swing) on trombone, Andrea on sax and Wolfgang on trumpet winter was given a chewing out.
For all those who missed this memorable event the following short video brings the spectacle back to life:

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Taftahüling 2014

taftahueling_2014Am Samstag, dem 12. April 2014 ist es wieder soweit: Taftahü e.V. wird den – zugegeben – etwas schlappen Winter in die verdiente Rente schicken.

Wir beginnen pünktlich um 15:00 Uhr!

Die (Winter-) Sau wird einmal durch das Dorf getrieben,  um sie schließlich den Flammen zu übergeben.


Begleitet wird der Abgesang auf die kalte Jahreszeit von Swing, Performance und Improvisation.

Für das leibliche Wohl gibt es Erbsensuppe mit Brot und Getränke!

Ort der Veranstaltung: Altes Telegraphenamt zu Oberscheid, Bonner Str. 21, 53567 Buchholz/Oberscheid

Eintritt Frei!

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Taftahüling 2014

taftahueling_2014On Saturday, April 12th 2014 Taftahü e.V. again will cast out winter.

We’ll start at 15:00 pm:

Bloody ‘winter’ will be carried through the village in a small procession to be handed over to the flames.

The perfomance will be accompanied with Swing music and improvisation.


Drinks and pea soup with bread will  be served!

Location of the event: Altes Telegraphenamt zu Oberscheid, Bonner Str. 21, 53567 Buchholz/Oberscheid, free entrance!

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Vereinssitzung am Samstag 22.02.2014 ab 15:00

Am 22.02 ab 15:00 halten wir unsere Vereinssitzung ab. Es gibt jede Menge zu besprechen.
Die Liste der Themen kann und soll gerne ergänzt werden.
– Organisation Taftahüling
– Kultursommer RLP
– gebuchte Künstler/Musiker

Bitte bringt alle was für´s Buffett mit. Wird schon passen.


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Termin für den 7. Kulturtag

Der 7. Kulturtag Oberscheid wird vom 15.-17. August stattfinden. Also, Urlaub nehmen.

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Hurray: Minor Swing!

minorswing_kulturtag2013Long awaited and finally in full length online: The Dortmund based quintet Minor Swing, who dispelled our hangovers with a soft brainmassage of swing and gypsy jazz.

Now available on Flashback 2013!

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Ride Lonesome is online

RideLonesome_oberscheid2013Glad tidings for all (covert) cowboys and indians: After Remco Reed the second Western-act with Ride Lonesome is online.

The word goming around in our Flensburg based video-editorial-staff is that there wll be the concert of Minor Swing available in the next days. And the fotogallery has been enriched with several new images – thanks to Nina Goeke. So stay tuned with Flashback 2013

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And finally: Dance your egg!

For all of you, who’ve been drumming edgy with their fingers on the table and rocking nervously in their chairs: The furious final of the 6th Kulturtag 2013 is online at last!

oberscheid_allstars_eiertanzIngeniously introduced with the completely bananas song ‘Ich will flöten’ (‘I want to whistle’) the gentle audience will be mentally prepared to be hit with the impact of a 5 ½ minute soft-boiled wrecking-ball: The egg-dance (‘Der Eiertanz’)!


Ladies and Gentleman: The Oberscheid Allstars!

Check it out on Flashback 2013!

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Secret of polish ‘Apple Pie’ revealed!


Our polish friends and fans have brought something special to the Kulturtag this year, called ‘Apple Pie’ (polish ‘jabłecznik‘ or ‘szarlotka‘):

However, it is not something eatable (as one could guess), but a cocktail.

And it would not be a real polish cocktail, if one of the important ingredients wouldn’t be vodka.


So here’s the original recipe for all those, who already experienced or still want to experience the intriguing gustatory similarity with real apple pie:

-1 volume unit Grasovka Vodka (Żubrówka)

-1 volume unit unfiltered apple juice


Hierochloe Odorata

For weaker people, one can use less vodka, but it’s easy to drink as it is.

If you like to make your own Żubrówka, you need of course the authentic Bison Grass, which is also known as Sweet Grass or Holy Grass (Hierochloe Odorata) in the UK, or Vanilla Grass in the United States.

One takes 5-10 dried blades of sweet grass and insert them into a bottle of pure vodka, put it in a dark place and let it stay for 2 weeks. You may need to adjust the amount of grass, just make one and try!


According to W. Somerset Maugham in The Razor’s Edge, Żubrówka “smells of freshly mown hay and spring flowers, of thyme and lavender, and it’s soft on the palate and so comfortable, it’s like listening to music by the moonlight.”

Our special thanks to Michał Nowacki for providing the original recipe!

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