News from the program kitchen

Unfortunately André D. and Christophe Meulien of Les avantages d’une haie de tròenes had to cancel their trip to Oberscheid. Fortunately all artists and musicians are mega flexible, therefore Henner Gräf and Frank Wilke called Uwe Juchum and the trio will present us again the finest Free Jazz with freivomhieb.

Micky Bauer and Maaila Shrestha decided spontaneously to collaborate so we’ll not only listening to guitar soundscapes but guitar/bass soundscapes – wow!

Rolf Hillebrand, drummer of Murx had to cancel his appearence, but since flexibility (see above) is part of Oberscheid artist’s job description, Georg Dierks (Colourful Culture / Mushroom Brothers) will pick up the slack – thanks Georg!

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